Race Goblin
Level 1
Class Rare
Possessed Skills Throw Projectile; Overpowering Howl; Bite; Sword Mastery C+; Axe Master C+; Nose that Smells Death; Man-Eating Snake
Divine Protection
Attributes Death
Abnormal Status Battle power is reduced by 30% due to having lost an arm.

This goblin lost a limb.

The Man-Eating Snake skill should be useful when fighting with humans, but that hate seething hidden in their eyes… They really hate humans.

He lost his limb, so I’m sure it’s a given, but I sure hope this hate doesn’t get in the way of my ruling over the humans. I’ll just have to be careful when using his sort.

“I name you Gi Be.”

“I will burn even my life it it means vengeance to the humans.” The one-armed goblin nimbly bowed.