Story Edit

He evolved while hunting spear deer with the protagonist.

Abilities Edit

Gi Gi rides on the back of a double head. With his long axe, and his tamed beast as his mount, he is truly like a knight from a warring country, or a knight from the west.

Gi Gi has been hunting along with his horde for some time now. He has already accumulated some experience leading them. 


Beast Warrior: When he was still a goblin, the most he could manage were a few dogs. Now that he evolved into a goblin rare, his ability to control beasts have increased an appropriate amount, becoming able to control triple boars.






Name Gi Gi
Race Goblin
Level 1
Class Noble
Possessed Skills Tracking; Throw Projectile; Axe Mastery D+; Omnivorous; Jeer; Beast Tamer; Tacit Understanding; Ancient Beast Tamer; Beast Trainer; Cooperation; Friend of the Horde; Bug Eater
Divine Protection None
Attributes None
Subordinate Beasts