Ra Narsa
Biographical Information
Name Ra Narsa
Gender Female
Hair Color Green
Status Alive
Race Goblin
Class Goblin Rare
Professional Information
Affiliation Ganra Tribe
Character Information
Child of Gilan, Ra Narsa, the Chieftain of Ganra.

Personality Edit

She is filled with dignity and pride.

Appearance Edit

She looks like a human, with red skin, a lone horn growing from her forehead, and flowing green hair that seemed to prove her a friend of the forest. She’s taller by a size than the goblins, but she can definitely pass for a human. But even then she’s at most a young girl.

Her face is certainly a bit rigid for a human, but it’s not such that she couldn’t pass for a human. With a loincloth wrapped over her chest and her waist, if anything, she gives off the image of a hunter.