Reshia Fel Zeal
Biographical Information
Name Reshia Fel Zeal
Gender Female
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Amethyst
Possessed Skills Heal
Divine Protection Goddess of Healing, Zenobia
Professional Information
Character Information
Reshia Fel Zeal, servant of the goddess of healing, Zenobia.

Personality Edit

One of the things she had been taught was the ability to see through lies. No matter who it is or what it is, as long as they possess intelligence, what they’re thinking will definitely show in their eyes. This is knowledge she received from humanity’s highest institute of education, the Ivory Tower.

Appearance Edit

She has amethyst colored pupils, blue hair extending to her shoulder, and a perfect face so beautiful that it looks as if it was given to her by the god of beauty. Her small, damp lips, draw the eye.

History Edit

Ever since she was acknowledged by the Goddess of Healing, Zenobia, and received her divine protection, she had been given a number of special privileges. The best education, exemption from taxes in different countries, preferential treatment should she enter a guild, etc.

She hated the capital’s atmosphere, that’s why she had hoped to work at a church somewhere near the borders. As a follower of Zenobia, she would save those who have been abducted, but instead she was driven into the Forest of Darkness.

Abilities Edit

Her talent doesn’t end just with her healing alone. With that talent of hers to bargain, she could probably become a formidable merchant.

  • Charm of a Saint: The target’s mind is slightly affected. It will be difficult for them to harm the saint.

Relationships Edit

  • Protagonist: Ever since she was caught by the goblin, he’s done nothing but topple all of her common sense, shocking her time and time again. The time when the orcs attacked, even though it was obvious that goblins are far weaker than orcs, and yet it still purposely went to oppose them. On top of that, he actually asked for his comrades to be healed first before him. Reshia saw this as an act of true nobility. His visage when he proclaimed himself a king, she thought if only he were human, then he would surely be remembered as a wise king for generations to come, forever preserved within the annals of history.